Many needs of our patients are not covered by insurance, Softball For Hearts helps cardiac patients and their families.

1162125_JozieJozie is an adorable 7 year old girl with a British¬†accent like her mothers. She was happy and healthy growing up in Orlando. Then one day she went to the local hospital for severe stomach pain. She was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy and came to All Children’s Hospital for evaluation by Dr. Asante-Korang. Her cardiac function did not improve despite intravenous medications. After discussions between her parents and the doctors, Jozie was listed to wait for a heart transplant. We are all so grateful that thanks to the generosity of a family, who in their time of grief and loss of their child, was able to donate their child’s heart. Now Jozie not only lives, but thrives thanks to this tremendous gift of a new heart. Jozie and her family are supporting Softball for Hearts and participated in a video for the event. Many needs of our patients are not covered by insurance and this event will help other cardiac families in need.

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